Get Lost Jerk!

14 Apr

The sun is shining, well at least it was. It’s hidden behind some unexpected clouds now; but thinking back to when it was shining, I remember what it reminded me of, summertime! Summertime in adulthood is not the summertime I remember from childhood. No more free will, not more careless nature, no more fly by the seat of your pants behavior. Now its responsibilities and angry issues, and excess weight..

I’ve been struglling with excess weight and and fat for many years now. I’ve dieted, exercised, dieted some more…and nothing has helped. That was until I decided to add a diet supplement to my routine. Now don’t get me wrong, the first diet pill I tried was not the one that helped me. In fact, I had to go through roughly 15 different diet pills until I found the one I knew would work the best. That pill was Phen375 . Phen375 diet pills helped me to lose 24 pounds THE FIRST MONTH! Of course the weight loss slowed down a bit after that but the was the bulk of what i needed to lose. Over the next two months I lost another 18 pounds for a total weight loss of  42 pounds. As you can imagine, i look and feel better than I ever did. I feel younger and healthier than I did in my twenties…and that was…well, a long time ago 🙂

Phen375 has helped not only me but my family and friends as well. Nothing promotes a product more than seeing it work on someone else, first hand! Phen375 diet pills work better than any other diet pill I have ever used, period!

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Buy Phen375 cheap today and start losing weight fast! My life has never been the same since!


Thursdays are just as boring as they ever were!

22 Mar

Why do we get so excited for Wednesday but then deflate by Thursday? Is it because Wednesday gives us the excuse to use the word “hump” without that familiar childhood embarrassment that followed the use of that word? Thursday is technically “Friday Eve” and Fridays usually bring on it’s own source of excitement, so I guess what I’m saying is I have no logical excuse to be feeling down right now. I think I need some Phen375 to give me a little jump in this long and dragging day!

Anyway, this week has been pretty uneventful. A little rain, a little pain and a lot of carbs. I should really do something about that. I guess I didn’t realize one of the biggest side effects of eating so many carbs is a big bottom. I just kept blaiming it on my genes, but them my jeans stopped fitting so I decided to investigate. I;ve been thinking about trying out a new carb blocker Proactol Plus but not sure if it’s right for me. I guess I can just order a one month supply and go from there.

Summer time, oh how I loathe summer time. I don’t even bother bathing suit shopping anymore, It’s not exactly the kind of thing I find fun any more. I wonder what the Phen375 side effects are? Maybe it’s best I don’t find out!

Well onto spend the rest of my day wasting time, trying to rhyme, feeling not so fine…

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It’s A Free For All

9 Mar

I will take it upon myself to institute my freedom of speech to the crowdless crowd that stands (sits) before me. Seldom do I ever write on paper (computer screen) the radomness that swirls around in my mind, but today is an exception. The hum of the vaccuum cleaner was successful in clearing out some loaded crap and making room for a more fresher thought process. So here goes…

Today…..I cooked. I cleaned. I screamed.

Yesterday ”        ”      ”       ”

Day before…

As you can see, the monotony is mind numbing.

Clear the way, lead the day; never more, never more. This is the extent of my Poe reserve. I SuPOEs it has found away to escape me. Such a tragedy.